Product details of Professional Cuticle Scissor

  • The cuticle scissors are made of high quality Stainless steel.
  • They have an extremely fine, precise tip and a very sharp, thin cutting edge, which enables the exact cutting of unwanted cuticles.
  • This gives the scissors an even longer life.
  • Cut your cuticles preferably after bathing or showering, as they will be prepared and softened.
  • Remove the protruding cuticle around the fingernail. Be careful when cutting in the nail bed so that you do not injure yourself.
  • The tip of the scissors is best suited to remove deposits and dirt under the nail. which are used to shorten the nail. It is best to file the fingernails briefly.
  • For beautiful fingernails, we recommend filing the nail edges smooth with a diamond or glass file.
  • This way the nail is sealed and does not tear. With a cuticle pusher the skin can be pushed back wonderfully and any deposits in the nail bed can be removed.
  • Protect the scissors as well as their sensitive tips and store them in the supplied protective cover after cutting the cuticle.
  • Jet One Industries


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